• Everything in life has a cost, my company being no exception.
  • A gentleman should act like a gentleman as I will always remain composed and lady-like. I do not tolerate excessive drinking or any drug use. Rudeness, roughness, biting, scratching, or anything that may leave a bruise/blemish/mark on my skin is never tolerated. I will never embarrass you or cause a spectacle during our time together, so I expect the same from you.
  • I ask that you place the donation in an envelope in a visible place within the first few minutes of our encounter. To avoid any awkwardness, please don’t make me ask for it. If we are meeting in a public place, the donation must be handed in a gift bag or a book.
  • Privacy and discretion are my highest priorities. My photos online are blurred for my privacy and safety as well as your discretion when we spend time together in public. Any requests for additional photos will be denied. This also goes for the way I treat your personal information. I will never share your personal details or speak about our time together with anyone else. You can be sure that everything you tell me is in confidence. I ask for the same level of discretion in return.
  • If we are ever to cross paths in public, I will not acknowledge our friendship. I will always make the safe assumption that you would prefer I not approach or acknowledge you. I kindly ask for the same. While you may have a handy explanation for a bystander, I’d prefer we not test my acting skills!
  • Please keep the reviews tasteful. 
  • Must be between 21 & 60 years old.
  • Date of 3H+ must include food & refreshments.